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A few must-see places in and around Galle

The Dutch Fort

In the Galle bay area, A short downhill-walk through the ocean breeze from the resort.

Perfect for fashion photoshoots, picnics, kites, and wind spinners, or just wander, or spend the time relaxing, order a King Coconut before you.

This fort was originally built in the 15th century by Portuguese, and reinforced by Dutch during the 17th century for military goals, currently, includes a series of shops, museums, within the colonial structures, serving visitors to the city, The Galle Fort, as it is habitually known, is a heritage site, it has the largest fortress ever built by European occupiers in Asia, showcasing a city with European architecture of that era across southeast Asian values. This rock structure with stone fortifications and bastions covers the entire northern part of city’s inland area.

The Galle Light House

In the Galle bay area, A short downhill-walk through ocean breeze from the resort.

Ideal for photoshoots, picnics, kites, and wind spinners, relaxation or evening strolls

Galle light station is a cylindrical shaped cast-iron tower comprising a balcony and a lantern pinnacle, strategically located at the southern endpoint of the Galle Dutch fort, known as the ‘Point Utrecht Bastion’, withing the full view of the ships entering the Galle Harbor. This light station of historic significance is a must-see place for the tourists, providing a stunning photoshoot event, from the top of the station overlooking the ocean. There are sea-bathing spots all around the lighthouse, they are really safe natural swimming pools.

The Galle Harbor

Located around the southwest coastal area of the city, not far from your resort, get advise from your client service manager before you leave.

Ideal for photoshoots or a quick peek into the history of Asia’s maritime transportation but be prepared to obey your desires.

The Galle Habor is a natural port located on the south-western coastal area of the city, it has marina currently providing mooring for pleasure yachts, recognized by international yacht societies as one of the world’s best attractions for yachting. The history dates back to pre-Christian times but gained eminence as the country’s main port between 12th and 18th century, consequently, with the construction of the Dutch fort in the 17th century, this port served as a major hub in the India ocean providing safe anchorage for the transfer of cargos and passengers from ships traveling between Europe and Asia.
The deep waters around the port hold significant clues related to ancient naval shipping contains remnants of a number of shipwrecks, belong to Portuguese, Dutch, and English navies, therefore, a very popular destination for ancient maritime transportation researcher.

The national museum in Galle

Located at the Church Street, Galle.  for some folks a bit of a long walk from the resort, just allow your client service manager to plan it out.

A good insight into Sri Lanka’s traditional southern cultural heritage.

Galle national museum is administered by the department of national museums in Sri Lanka, housed in the historic dutch commissariat store of the Dutch garrison, a part of the Dutch fort in Galle, was renovated and opened to the public as a museum in 1986, it currently, exhibits artifacts from Portuguese, Dutch and British period, they are all primarily linked to the cottage industry in the area, the collection covers traditional lace-marking process, hand-carved face masks, religious items like relic caskets, jewelry made out of turtle shells, furniture, weaponry, and equipment used in Dutch ships, arms, and weapons used by Dutch soldiers. The final phase of the museum opened to the public in 2013, showcasing the archaeological evidence of trade and relations between Sri Lanka and China.

The National Maritime Museum in Galle

Located at the Church Street, Galle. for some folks, a mid-range walk from the resort, let your client service manager, plan it out.

A good insight into Sri Lanka’s traditional maritime activities.

This is the only national maritime archaeological museumin the country, located at the Dutch warehouse building right above the old gate of the Dutch Fort was opened to the public in 1992, however, after opening most of its maritime artifacts were flood-damaged, and some were lost to the sea during the 2004 tsunami. The museum subsequently was reconstructed with a grant given by the royal government of the Netherland, reopened to the public in 2010. The reconstructed museum serves as the center of maritime history education, serving special interest groups, researches, and general visitors alike, currently exhibits artifacts excavated during underwater exploration, maps, ropes, earthware, beer mugs, smoking pipes, barrels, and a huge collection of other items removed from shipwrecks in the southern coastal areas of the country. The collection inclusive of sailor shoes, and artillery guns.

Historic Clock Tower in Galle

This iconic clock tower is a renowned landmark in the city of Galle, that is of historic importance, standing tall above the moon bastion of the historic Dutch Fort, overlooking the Galle international cricket stadium,  enclosing the perfect view of the crimson sunset. 


This modern shopping complex, that was ones a hospital used to treat sick soldiers of the Dutch army, subsequently became a garrison of the occupying British army, later converted to the office of the government agency. The building still retains some of its initial architectural settings while operating as a modern shopping complex offering leading local and international brands.

Mount Marina Villas by Galle

Two luxury resorts that make the historical city of Galle so limitlessly fascinating right on your doorstep, offering an enjoyable base to those wishing to explore the city of Galle and surrounding attractions, located in close proximity to each other on a mountain cliffside overlooking the Southern Coastal City of Galle and the harbor. 

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Add colonial treasures to your Mount Marina Experience

The city of Galle is a UNESCO designated heritage city, discover its most intricate historic past within a short walk from your resort.

Look out for your own beach

Head outside the city to the west coast, home to gorgeous golden beaches, turquoise waters, and pristine coral reefs that boast some of the best snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing adventures in the world.

Talk to your villa service manager, about getting a customized tour

Photo excursion with maritime celebrities

Every year from December to April, the most sought after marine visitors, Whales, and Dolphins folks to the warm waters off the southern coastline in numbers, choose the whale watching experience for an awe-inspiring glimpse into their life.

Tour arrangments at the reception desk, depart daily from Galle and Mirissa harbors.