No matter, how your day will unfold…

At Mount Marina you always start fresh and bellyful

By the pool, in the dinning room, or in your room, options include…

continental breakfast

Lavish continental breakfast consists of daily handpicked fruits from the Galle fruits and vegetable market, homemade fruits and vegetable juice, choice of eggs, meat, and bread with Ceylon tea, or Coffee.

Traditional Sri Lankan staple, served on banana leaves

A Sri Lankan breakfast is moderately similar to that of an English Breakfast, in that it is filling. Included in our breakfast combination is Hoppers – crispy bowl-shaped pancakes made out of rice flour and coconut milk, String Hoppers –steamed rice noodles, Milk Rice, and Roti  served with spicy curries, sambal, spiced up fresh coconut flakes, with Ceylon tea, or Coffee.

Mount Marina Villas by Galle

Two luxury resorts that make the historical city of Galle so limitlessly fascinating right on your doorstep, offering an enjoyable base to those wishing to explore the city of Galle and surrounding attractions, located in close proximity to each other on a mountain cliffside overlooking the Southern Coastal City of Galle and the harbor.